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What is the best recovery supplement for runners?

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Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD, Freelance Writer
The best recovery supplement for runners should include carbohydrates, protein, and fluid. Ingesting a combination of these post-run will aid in recovery, as protein initiates muscle protein synthesis (MPS); carbohydrates replenish glycogen stores and promote nutrient utilization; and fluid fights dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. 
The most important element of post-workout nutrition is consuming a combination of carbohydrates and protein, which is more effective than either nutrient alone. In fact, research suggests that consuming protein without carbohydrates after running reduces the rate of glycogen storage and delays recovery [1].
For a powerful post-run snack, a combination of protein and carbs (such as a smoothie made with Greek yogurt and fruit, eggs on toast, or chocolate milk) will help fuel recovery. If you opt for a pure protein source (such as protein powder), combine it with a carb source, like milk or fruit. 
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Avocado toast with egg on top
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