How to connect your wearables to Apple Health

Elo Health uses Smart Nutrition to find the right nutrition approach unique to you. To further enhance the Elo experience, the Elo app syncs with Apple Health, so it’s important to understand how these products work in tandem. Here’s everything you need to know about connecting your wearables to Apple Health so you can get more from your Elo membership.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to nutrition–we are all unique and our nutrition and supplements should be too. Finding the right nutrition approach that’s specific to you may seem overwhelming, which is where Elo Health comes in. We look at a combination of biomarker results, data from wearables, and health history to come up with exactly the right nutrition approach and supplements for you. And connecting Apple Health to the Elo App helps make this process as frictionless as possible.
Before diving into a detailed guide for how to connect your wearables to Apple Health, let’s first understand what Elo’s mission is and how Apple Health can help enhance the Elo experience.

How Elo works

Elo provides nutrition products made just for you, based on at-home blood testing and data from wearables. We are pioneering a new category of Smart Nutrition products that use biomarkers and health data to provide the right nutrients, at the right dose, to help you improve your health and performance.
Smart Nutrition is a personalized, precise and proactive approach to nutrition with one goal in mind - to find exactly the right nutrition plan uniquely for you.
  • Personalized: Smart Nutrition is based on an in-depth analysis of your biochemistry, goals, health status, and activity level. Every product is made just for you. No product is the same -- nutrient dosage and combinations, timing, duration, and other factors are finely tuned for your individual profile.
  • Precise: Smart Nutrition offers you the right dose of the right nutrients at the right time, based on the latest scientific research. It’s based on a comprehensive analysis of your data, plus the latest scientific literature, including efficacy, dosage, population, and format.
  • Proactive: Smart Nutrition anticipates your nutrition needs and gets better at delivering the optimal mix of nutrients for you over time. The more data you provide, the better Elo AI gets at predicting your nutrition needs. 
When you sign up with Elo, you will undergo the following steps:
  1. Test 13 blood biomarkers at home. Blood test results plus our cutting-edge AI equals the precise plan your body needs. Here’s how you can collect a successful biomarker sample at home.
  2. Review your results with an Elo health coach. From navigating biomarker results to calibrating your supplement plan, our expert coaches are here to answer your questions live or in the Elo app. .
  3. Get your unique smart nutrition formula. Whether you opt into supplements or protein powder (or both!), we ship the right smart nutrition products straight to your doorstep. Our products are 3rd-party tested for purity and dosage.
  4. Track your progress in the Elo App. Watch your biomarker results change over time in the Elo App and get smart reminders to stay on track. The Elo App also includes features that enable you to access your biomarker results, see your smart supplement plan, message your Elo Health Coach, and read cutting-edge nutrition content based on the latest research.

Why Apple Health?

Elo Health syncs with Apple Health to enhance the Elo experience and make this process smoother. Apple Health wearables and iPhone data (such as date of birth, gender, height, weight, and active energy) are used to reduce the number of questions we ask during onboarding, provide accurate supplement recommendations, and track progress over time. 
Capturing this data is essential for minimizing drug-supplement interactions, identifying nutrition gaps, and generating supplement and nutrition recommendations that are both safe and efficacious. Essentially, connecting Apple Health to the Elo App is about removing friction for you and giving you the most precise recommendations possible.

Protecting your privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information and take security very seriously at Elo. We are not affiliated with insurance companies or the government. You choose how much information you share with us and we do not share individual-level information with third parties without your consent. Elo Health keeps all personal information on HIPAA-compliant, secure cloud servers. Personal information is only kept for as long as needed for our legitimate business purposes, after which it is destroyed in accordance with our document retention policies. Your blood sample will be destroyed after the laboratory completes its analysis unless the laboratory’s legal and regulatory requirements require it to maintain physical samples. 
For more information, refer to our privacy policy here.

How to connect Apple Health if you haven’t downloaded the Elo App

To connect Apple Health, download the Elo app and follow the prompts. 
Connecting Health in the onboarding flow in the Elo App.
Connect HealthKit onboarding 1
Connect HealthKit onboarding 2
HealthKit connected onboarding

How to connect Apple Health if you already have the Elo App

Open the Elo App and go to the ‘Profile’ tab. Scroll down to Application Settings > Apple Health to connect your Apple Health data to Elo App. 
Connect HealthKit profile
Health kit connected profile

How to connect Apple Health to your wearables 

Many wearables and fitness apps connect to Apple Health including Apple Watch, Whoop, Oura Ring, Garmin, Strava, and Polar. Find you wearable device/fitness app in the list below and click on the links below to discover how to connect your workout data to Apple Health. 
To see the apps and devices already connected to Apple Health, go to the Apple Health app > Profile > Privacy. 


At Elo, we look at a combination of biomarker results, data from wearables, and health history to come up with exactly the right nutrition and supplements for you. Connecting Apple Health to the Elo App removes some of the friction from this process and allows us to provide more personalized and precise recommendations. Apple Health data is stored on secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud servers and we go to great lengths to ensure that we protect your privacy. 

Key takeaways

  • Elo Health uses Smart Nutrition to find the right nutrition approach unique to you. 
  • Smart Nutrition recommendations are driven by an in-depth analysis of the biochemistry, personal goals, health history, and activity levels, and are constantly evolving to reflect your changing needs.
  • Elo syncs with Apple Health to capture data that is essential for minimizing drug-supplement interactions, identifying nutrition gaps, and generating supplement and nutrition recommendations.
  • Connecting the Elo App to Apple Health is simple and can be done either during onboarding or by accessing the ‘Profile’ tab in the Elo App.