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What's the difference between personalized nutrition and nutrition with precision?

Personalized nutrition and nutrition with precision are two methods used to deliver custom nutrition recommendations to meet your individual goals and needs. At Elo, we argue that personalized nutrition and nutrition with precision are two different concepts, one of which yields better results. Here’s how nutrition with precision takes personalization to a new level of exactness, and what we’re doing at Elo to deliver more accurate nutrition solutions for you.

Sarah Achleithner, health and wellness writer
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Nutrition is a complex science that involves many variables, which means there’s no “one size fits all” approach. Increasingly, consumers are looking for nutrition solutions tailor-made for their unique biology, goals, and preferences. To date, most of the personalized nutrition offerings are based on questionnaires instead of clinical data and overlook important details such as dosing, format, and bioavailability. At Elo, we think a more specific approach, deeply grounded in science, is needed to maximize results -  we call it ‘nutrition with precision’.

Personalized nutrition vs. nutrition with precision

Before we get into what we do at Elo, it’s worthwhile defining the difference between personalized nutrition and nutrition with precision.
Personalized nutrition solutions acknowledge that we’re all unique, however, they typically don’t take into account biochemistry, DNA, or other unique factors [4]. Instead, shallow assessments such as questionnaires are used to determine the optimal nutrition approach for you. Moreover, personalized nutrition solutions tend to be static. That is, recommendations don’t evolve as your goals and needs change. Overall, personalized nutrition products are a good starting point for determining positive diet and lifestyle changes, but fail to go deep into your individual needs and goals.

Personalized nutrition:

  • Data source: Questionnaires
  • Recommendations: Static -- often based on one-off analysis. Population reference approaches seem to be preferred over outcome-based approaches.
  • Coaching: Based on generic concepts adapted to an individual.
  • Product customization: A small number of predefined options. 
  • Science: Based on a surface-level analysis of scientific literature
Conversely, nutrition with precision is a highly specific approach with one goal in mind - to find exactly the right nutrition approach unique for you. Nutrition with precision recommendations are driven by an in-depth analysis of biochemistry, personal goals, health history, and activity levels, and are constantly evolving to reflect your changing needs. Moreover, recommendations are drawn from a combination of blood testing, questionnaires, and tracking data such as Apple Healthkit, and dosage, duration, and other factors are precisely calibrated for each individual based on human clinical data corresponding to your exact values.

Nutrition with precision:

  • Data sources: Blood biomarkers, DNA, wearable and home monitoring devices, and clinical data.
  • Recommendations: Dynamic -- always unique to you, and based on an in-depth analysis of your specific biochemistry, goals, health status, and activity level. Outcome based approaches.
  • Coaching: Enables lasting positive health changes based on detailed understanding of a person, their goals and intrinsic motivations.
  • Product customization: No product is the same -- nutrient dosage and combinations, timing, duration, and other factors are finely tuned for your individual profile.
  • Science: Based on a comprehensive analysis of scientific literature, including efficacy, dosage, population, and form.
While both approaches try to help you apply nutrition science to your body, personalized nutrition is far less specific than nutrition with precision and therefore, less likely to be effective. At Elo, we deliver nutrition with precision.
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Effectiveness of nutrition with precision

Nutrition with precision is a relatively new concept; however, research suggests that using blood testing, gene sequencing, and/or microbiota profiling to personalize nutrition recommendations increases adherence to dietary intervention and improves outcomes [1]. Additionally, nutrition with precision has shown promise as an effective intervention for people with chronic conditions such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity [1,2,3,5].
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Nutrition with precision at Elo

At Elo Health, we deliver nutrition with precision by overlaying your blood biomarker results, wearable data, and questionnaire answers with a proprietary analysis of over 3,500 clinical trials. Essentially, we make sense of the messy world of nutrition science and your personal health data to recommend the right nutrition and supplements for you.
The ingredients in your custom supplement packets have been chosen for you based on your unique profile and the dosages calibrated to your goals and needs. Our supplements undergo rigorous third-party testing so you can feel confident that what you see on the nutrition label is what you get - no funky stuff.
Additionally, we recalibrate your nutrition plan as your goals and needs change. Our product includes quarterly blood biomarker testing, regular 1:1 check-ins with your dedicated Elo Health Coach, and ongoing optimization.
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How Elo works:

When you subscribe to Elo, you’re subscribing to a service, not just personalized supplements. Here’s how it works:
  1. Once you’ve downloaded the Elo App and completed the onboarding process, we’ll send you a biomarker test kit. This kit contains everything you need to evaluate 12 nutrition-related biomarkers with a simple finger prick test. Learn how to collect a successful biomarker sample at home with this step-by-step guide.
  2. Connect your wearable and home monitoring data to Elo via the Apple Healthkit. You can also connect your previous lab and medical data to the Elo App (if desired).
  3. Review your results with an expert. Once we receive your results from the lab, your dedicated Elo Health coach will contact you via email to schedule a 30-minute, 1:1 coaching session. During this session, your coach will review your data, including your biomarker results, and discuss your precision supplement packet. Learn more about Elo’s health coaches, Silvia, Alayna, and Jessica.
  4. Every month you’ll receive 30 precision supplement packets containing your custom mix, as well as daily reminders to take your supplements (we know that it’s easy to forget). We are working hard towards providing scientifically sound food and nutrition recommendations, and while Elo currently only offers supplements, there is the potential for other personalized nutrition services in the future (such as food delivery).
  5. Every quarter we send you another biomarker test kit, review your data and adjust your supplements and recommendations accordingly. Watch your results improve over time with the Elo App.
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Personalized nutrition and nutrition with precision are approaches to health that are tailored to your unique goals and needs. While personalized nutrition scratches the surface, nutrition with precision provides highly specific recommendations based on the most advanced biochemical and technological approaches available (such as AI, biomarker analysis, and blood testing). At Elo Health, we offer nutrition with precision and are dedicated to finding the best nutrition solutions and supplements, uniquely for you, underpinned by science.

Key Takeaways

  • Personalized nutrition is a somewhat specific method for creating food, exercise, and supplement recommendations based on shallow assessments of nutrition and lifestyle factors.
  • Nutrition with precision is a highly specific approach to creating healthy dietary habits based on AI, biomarkers, and expert guidance, driven by an in-depth analysis of biochemistry, personal goals, health history, and activity levels.
  • Nutrition with precision has been used to address diseases and conditions such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity [1,2,3].
  • Nutrition with precision advice is precisely calibrated to determine individualized supplement types, active compounds, dosage, and duration, while being proactive to prevent disease.    
  • At Elo Health, we are focused on outcome-based approaches, we deliver nutrition with precision by overlaying your blood biomarker results, wearable data, and questionnaire answers, with a proprietary analysis of over 3,500 clinical trials.


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