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How Elo Works

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    Take our at-home nutrition biomarker test.

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    Review your results with an Elo health coach.

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    Get your unique daily supplement formula.

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    Track your progress in-app and keep optimizing.

Retest every 90 days.

Put your supplements on autopilot.

Smart supplements.
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Feel better than ever.

Why CEO and 2x Olympian, Jeremy Bloom, feels better than he did in his early 20s.

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Upgrade your health.

How marketing wiz, Jason Madhosingh, reversed his not-so-hot annual physical results.

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What's inside

No trends, just science
and pure ingredients

  • Powered by biomarker and wearable data

  • Based on 3,000 peer-reviewed studies

  • 3rd-party tested for purity and dosage

  • Formulas tailored for each member

Meet your coaches

Nutritional guidance
on demand

From navigating biomarker results to calibrating your supplement plan, our expert coaches are here to answer your questions live or in the Elo app.

Silvia Segerstrale, Principal Nutritionist

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Alayna Hutchinson, Registered Dietitian

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Jessica Dogert, Registered Dietitian

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Tue Jan 12 2021
Why Ari Tulla and Tapio Tolvanen founded the Smart Nutrition service, Elo
Elo was born out of our founders’ belief that people deserve better than the low-quality supplement products available today. Read more
Wed Feb 24 2021
The ultimate science-backed guide to improving cycling performance with personalized nutrition
Okay cyclists, listen up. Whether you want to improve your endurance on the bike or build speed, your nutrition matters. A lot. Here’s everything you need to know about optimizing your performance on the bike through personalized nutrition. Read more
Thu Mar 11 2021
The best science-backed supplements for runners over 40
Good news, runners! Your age doesn’t have to hold you back. But nutrition and recovery needs change as we get older. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best science-backed supplements for runners over 40 to help you stay in tip-top running shape year after year. Read more
Mon Jun 21 2021
How to optimize your vitamin D levels
90% of Elo members start with low vitamin D, which has a critical impact on bone health, immune function, and more. Learn more about improving your vitamin D levels through nutrition, supplementation, and sunshine. Read more

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What you get:
  • Biomarker testing every 90 days
  • Personalized supplements monthly
  • Quarterly nutrition evaluation
  • Ongoing monitoring and support
  • 1:1 health coaching every 90 days