Does pilates help you lose weight?

This question is about GLP-1 & Weight Loss

Sarah Achleithner

Yes, pilates can help you lose weight, since this full body workout focuses on posture, balance, flexibility, and emphasizes movement, core strength, and resistance. It’s a good option for people who want to avoid putting stress on their joints, since it’s a more joint-friendly workout compared to running or biking. Interestingly, researchers have found that overweight or obese adults who participated in pilates worked experienced a decrease in body weight, BMI, and body fat percentage compared to those who didn’t do pilates [



However, pilates alone may not help you reach your weight loss goals - what you eat also plays a huge role. Try eating higher protein meals (like

Smart Protein

smoothies) that are also rich in fiber to enhance satiety and help reach your health goals.

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