How much should I cycle a day to lose weight?

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Sarah Achleithner

In theory, approximately 30-60 minutes of cycling per day (250-500kcal energy expenditure) is needed to lose 0.5-1 pound per week if dietary intake remains the same. However, in practice, the amount of cycling required to lose weight most likely varies from person to person and depends on factors such as sex, age, genetics, exercise intensity, medications, and more.

According to Harvard University, a person can burn anywhere from 315-441 kcal in 30 minutes on a stationary bike and between 240-336 kcal cycling outdoors for 30 minutes between 12-13.9 mph [


]. Burning an additional 250 kcal per day equates to weight loss of half a pound per week while burning 500 calories per day through cycling can lead to loss of a whole pound per week, assuming Calorie intake, sleep, and stress levels remain the same.

Blurred photo of a female cyclist on a bike

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