How much should I run per day to lose weight?

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Sarah Achleithner

How much a person should run per day to lose weight will vary depending on body weight and running intensity. For example, a 120-pound person burns 11 calories/minute while running, which means that a 10-minute mile equals 110 calories burned. Conversely, someone who weighs 180 pounds would burn approximately 17 calories/minute (equaling 170 calories for a 10-minute mile) [


]. Similarly, calorie burn varies based on the intensity of the run. Intense exercise burns more calories per minute but generally cannot be sustained for a long time, whereas low intensity exercise uses up less energy and can be sustained longer.

While running can aid in weight loss, it is not the only factor that will help you lose weight. Weight loss relies on energy input/output, which means the number of calories consumed should be less than the calories burned. On average, it takes 3,500 calories to burn one pound, which means that both diet and exercise play important roles in weight loss. Other factors such as what you eat, meal timing, sleep, stress, age, and genetics also impact weight loss.

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