Is an avocado a good source of protein?

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Elle Penner, MPH, RD
While avocados contain more protein than most other fruits, an avocado is not considered a good source of protein. 
According to the Food and Drug Association (FDA), a typical serving of a food must provide between 10-19% of the daily recommended intake to be considered a “good” source of protein. 
The recommended daily amount (RDA) for protein is between 54-72 g/day. Since a 200 g avocado only contains 4 g of protein, it’s well below the 10% threshold and therefore would not be considered a “good” source of protein [1, 2]. 
If you are looking for good sources of plant-based protein, a 100 g serving of quinoa, tofu, lentils or soybeans are good options; these provide between 8-16 g of protein, which is much higher than avocados. 
avocado sliced in half on a cutting board


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