What are the best cycling chews?

This question is about Nutrition and Cycling

Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD, Freelance Writer

There are many energy chews that are beneficial for


. Here are a few of our favorites:


: These gummies are portable and come in tasty flavors, like Salted Watermelon, Gingerale, and Margarita. Each packet has 6 chews and close to 50g of carbohydrates. Some flavors have extra sodium for heavy sweaters or caffeine, which has been shown to enhance performance, speed, power, and endurance capacity.  

Skratch Lab Energy Chews

use real fruit for flavor, contain plenty of sodium, and are not as sweet as other chews. Moreover, they utilize a specific ratio of fructose and glucose to enhance carbohydrate absorption. Each packet has about 10 chews and 40g of carbs. They come in fruity flavors, like Sour Cherry, Matcha Green Tea, and Lemon, Orange, and Raspberry, and some varieties contain caffeine. 

GU Energy Chews

come in a thin package, making them easy to store in a bike bag or a pocket. The nutrition is similar to other products, with 40g of carbs per packet and options available with and without caffeine.

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