What is a good breakfast before a bike ride?

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Elle Penner, MPH, RD

A good breakfast before a bike ride will contain easily digestible carbs to help fuel your ride, but how much you eat will depend on how much time you have before you get on the bike. If you’ve got less than 60 minutes, your breakfast should be light, and low in fiber, fat and protein. Some good options include half of a bagel, a hearty slice of toast with jelly, an English muffin, a few  small pancakes with a smear of peanut butter, or a granola/snack bar. 

If you’ve got more than one hour before your ride, you can have a slightly more substantial breakfast —just don’t overdo it on fat and fiber, which can lead to stomach upset. Some delicious ideas include oatmeal made with milk topped with hemp seeds and fresh berries, a bowl of yogurt layered with granola and fresh fruit, or a hearty slice of avocado toast with an egg. 

yogurt bowl topped with fruit and chia seeds