Issue 12: Healthy travel essentials

Long-haul travel takes a toll on your body, even if you're an experienced traveler. Learn about the physiological consequences of jet-setting and how to mitigate them with this artile on science-backed travel tips.

August is here - can you believe it? Summer is flying by with many of us escaping home and taking our first vacation since 2019.

With so many Elos jet-setting right now, we thought it was time for an issue on healthy travel. After 18 months at home, we're all a little out of practice and travel issues like jet lag, dehydration, and GI disturbances, take a toll on our bodies (and biomarkers).

With that in mind, we've rounded up the best science-backed travel tips to help you stay in shape, prevent illness and make the most of your hard-earned vacation. 

Safe (and healthy) travels! 

Open suitcase containing clothes, passport, hat, camera, watch and belt

1. How to combat "gut lag".

We've all heard of jetlag but now new research suggests that our microbiome has a circadian rhythm too. Gastroenterologist, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, shares his top tips for beating "gut lag".

2. The physiological impacts of long-haul flights.

Jet lag, dehydration, and swollen feet are well-known consequences of long-haul flights but did you know that flying can make you gassy and blunt your taste too?

3. Take time off, improve your immune response.

Emerging research shows that vacationing improves well-being, immune function, stress response, and amyloid-beta metabolism.

4. Best running apps for staying fit away from home.

Running is free and requires little equipment making it a great way to stay active on vacation. Check out our favorite running apps for everyone from new runners to regular racers.

5. Can you catch airborne illnesses in flight?

New York Times explains the ins and outs of air filtration in-flight as well as other high-risk areas beyond the plane, with a clever interactive.

6. At-home COVID test for returning to the US.

Returning to the US? You'll need a negative COVID test before you fly. Skip the pricey airport options and purchase one of these at-home tests instead.

7. Meet Alayna, Elo Health Coach and Registered Dietitian.

As a former Clinical Dietitian, Alayna has helped hundreds of people get control of their health. Read about Alayna's story HERE

Alayna Hutchinson

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