Issue 14: Labor Day wellness tips

Labor Day weekend is a time of celebration, however, overindulging on sun, booze and food can have lingering effects on both your body and mind. Here are our top tips for enjoying the Labor Day weekend without overdoing.

Big plans for Labor Day weekend? While a 3-day weekend is always welcome, wellness often takes a back seat to end-of-summer celebrations. And it's no secret that a boozy weekend, filled with sun and burgers, can leave you feeling suboptimal well into September. 

With that in mind, we've rounded up the best content on enjoying the holiday weekend without unraveling your health. 

Cheers to a fun, safe, and healthy holiday!

1. Grilled meat and cancer risk.

Eating charred meat and poultry has been linked with increased cancer risk in observational studies. Learn about the chemical changes that happen during cooking, plus grilling best practices in this piece.

2. Does alcohol increase sun damage?

Be sure to cover up if you're planning on drinking this weekend. Emerging research suggests that alcohol makes you more susceptible to sun damage.

3. Why you should care about your hydration status.

Dehydration can sneak up on you and progress quickly, especially when alcohol is involved. Brain fog, bad breath, and craving sweet foods are subtle signs that you're running low on fluid.

4. 10 common food safety mistakes at barbecues.

Using the same plates for raw and cooked food, defrosting meats at room temperature, and leaving leftovers out for hours, are common culprits for foodborne illness.

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