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  • "It's all in your mind" according to World Master's Time Trial Champion, Anne Valta

    World Masters Champion, Anne Valta, wasn’t a champion athlete in her 20s. She had always been competitive but never the best. It wasn’t until a close friend died of lung cancer in her early 50s that she decided to go ‘all in’ on her dream. Here’s her story.
    Edwina Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
    4 mins
  • Can e-biking improve cycling performance?

    E-bikes have become a popular choice for many but do they actually make you a better cyclist? World Masters Time Trial Champion, Anne Valta, explores the research on e-biking for improving performance and recounts her own experience as a skeptic.
    Anne Valta, Elo Health Coach
    5 mins
  • Meet Silvia, Elo's Principal Nutritionist

    Say hello to Silvia Segerstrale, our Principal Nutritionist at Elo. Silvia comes to Elo with almost a decade of experience in nutrition coaching, and previously led the wellness program for Stanford's Distinguished Careers Institute (DCI). But she wasn't always a nutritionist. Read on to find out about her unique background.
    Silvia Segerstrale, Principal Nutritionist
    10 mins
  • How this VC founder overcame poverty to become an NFL player and Harvard grad

    VC Founder and former NFL player, Isaiah Kacyvenski, didn’t grow up rich. In fact, his upbringing was quite the opposite. Learn how this Elo Member overcame homelessness to become a professional athlete, Harvard grad, and entrepreneur.
    Anne Valta, Elo Health Coach
    3 mins
  • How a former Olympic skier and NFL player turned his health around

    Even athletes struggle with their health. Jeremy Bloom, the only athlete in history to ski in the Olympics and get drafted into the NFL, found himself struggling with pain and bloating. This is what he did to regain his health.
    Anne Valta, Elo Health Coach
    2 mins
  • The one health hack this famed Apple designer will never quit

    Industrial designer, Miklu Silvanto, worked alongside legendary Jony Ive at Apple for 8 years. For Miklu, maintaining his health is about experimenting, daily check-ins, and routine. Here’s his story.
    Anne Valta, Elo Health Coach
    2 mins
  • Why Ari Tulla and Tapio Tolvanen founded the precision nutrition service, Elo.

    Ari is co-founder of Elo, a dad, a wannabe surfer, and an avid rock climber living in San Francisco. He focuses on solving problems that help people live better lives. Learn about his latest precision nutrition venture, Elo.
    Ari Tulla, Elo CEO
    5 mins