The one health hack this famed Apple designer will never quit

Industrial designer, Miklu Silvanto, worked alongside legendary Jony Ive at Apple for 8 years. For Miklu, maintaining his health is about experimenting, daily check-ins, and routine. Here’s his story.

When did you realize your regular approach to health was no longer working?

I grew up playing basketball, so I always had an approach, but it’s evolved with my interests and age. Staying alert and maintaining focus has become more important. I’m dealing with more wear and tear from years of sport, and that’s changed the way I train. I’m no longer trying to jump higher or run faster. 

What made you feel like you were in control of your health?

I see health as a container for growth and I approach it with curiosity and respect. Humans are incredible “machines.” We are reliable, robust, and able to heal from tough system failures. Diet is key for me. It’s something that I control and experiment with.

What made the biggest difference?

Five or six years ago, I got deep into experimenting with my health. Intermittent fasting made the biggest and longest-lasting impact. It’s something I’ll never give up on. For me, it has so many benefits for my body and mind, perhaps even my spirit too.

What does ‘good health’ mean to you today?

Good health for me means the ability to live my dreams and explore physical sensations. 

What is your favorite unexpected health hack?

Celery juice. That stuff is just incredible! 

What do you use to track your health? 

A mirror. The expression looking back coupled with paying attention to how I feel, particularly first thing in the morning, are the most important measures for me. I also have an Apple Watch. I’ve tried pretty much everything else out there on the market but it all comes down to just seeing and feeling what's going on. 

What eating approach works for you?

My entire day is quite spartan and optimized, and then dinnertime is a feast. It works well for me. 

What moment in your life best captures


Generally, I’m very bad at giving up. Some of my biggest breakthroughs have when someone stopped believing in me and released me to do things that I enjoy. I’ve achieved so many meaningful things after intense and prolonged suffering. If I really want it, I switch to “sisu” mode. 

What's your biggest claim to fame? 

I was part of the Apple Industrial Design Team under Jony Ive, and I’m lucky to know many world-famous creators, entrepreneurs, teachers, and luminaries. I love being a nobody, doing my thing, and trying to build a better world.