• The best science-backed supplements for runners over 40

    Good news, runners! Your age doesn’t have to hold you back. But nutrition and recovery needs change as we get older. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best science-backed supplements for runners over 40 to help you stay in tip-top running shape year after year.
    Kim McDevitt, MPH, RD
    15 mins
  • The best nutrition recovery products for cyclists, according to experts

    Whether you're an elite cyclist or a newbee, post-workout nutrition is almost just as important as your training plan. Recover faster after a hard bike ride with these expert-approved nutrition products.
    Elle Penner, MPH, RD
    10 mins
  • The ultimate science-backed guide to improving your running performance with personalized nutrition

    Most of us runners are alike: hyper-focused on weekly mileage, hill workouts, and targeted speed sessions, all in an effort to hit that next PR. But if you’re looking to truly build on your performance, improve your fitness, and stay injury-free, your nutrition plan matters as much as your training regime. Here’s everything you need to know to optimize your running performance with precision nutrition.
    Kim McDevitt, MPH, RD
    42 mins
  • Got a running injury? These are the best supplements according to science.

    No runner wants to deal with an injury yet most of us will encounter one at some point. While there's no true replacement for rest, rehab and patience - these supplements can support healing and help get you running again.
    Kim McDevitt, MPH, RD
    10 mins