Issue 4: The longevity edition

In the US, we're living roughly a decade longer than we did 50 years ago. And with that, has come a boom in longevity research. With that in mind, we've curated some of the newest and most interesting longevity reads to help you live longer and better.

Aging. Everyone faces it yet few of us are comfortable with getting older. Can't we drink from the fountain of youth forever? The good news is that longevity research has come a long way over the last 10 years. We now know more than ever about the processes underpinning aging such as mitochondrial dysfunction, telomere shortening and stem cell exhaustion, and the lifestyle strategies that can delay these changes. And surprisingly, there's a lot you can do to increase your odds of getting to triple digits. But longevity isn't just about what you should be doing. What you shouldn't be doing is just as important, so we've sprinkled that into this newsletter too. Go forth and age confidently.

1. Five things that can extend your life by a decade.

You may not see immediate results from a long bike ride or a bowl full of veggies at lunch, but these healthy habits, practiced consistently, can add years to your life.

2. Regular exercise and telomere length.

New research shows that regular exercise - especially endurance activity and interval training - slows telomere shortening, a marker of cellular aging.

3. Do NAD-boosting supplements work?

NAD-boosting supplements are lauded for their anti-aging potential, however, few trials have demonstrated strong clinical outcomes in humans.

4. Stress less, live longer.

Stress levels rising? Researchers in Finland have discovered that heavy stress shortens life expectancy in men, along with smoking, diabetes, and physical inactivity. Time to chill out and get active.

5. Build relationships for better health.

Social interactions appear to prolong lifespan, combat inflammation, and improve immune function. Even with social distancing in effect, there's never been a better time to talk to a neighbor

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