Issue 8: Nutrition for sports performance

Get more out of every workout with this compilation of science-backed sports nutrition resources, covering everything from ergogenic aids to keto for athletes.

Whether you're a cyclist, runner, swimmer, or soccer player, what you put in your mouth matters. Nutrition choices before, during, and after exercise can be the difference between a fantastic workout and a terrible one. 

With that in mind, we've compiled our favorite resources on what to eat (and when) to get the most out of every training session. We've also done a deep dive on trendy topics like keto and plant-based eating for sports performance to help you fuel more effectively. Happy training!

Evidence suggests that caffeine, carbohydrate, creatine, and beets (nitrates) can delay fatigue and improve output during some forms of exercise.

2. What causes runner's trots and how to minimize your symptoms.

Although not fully understood, adequate hydration, careful carb intake, and low FODMAP eating may help prevent mid-run GI symptoms.

3. Does plant-based eating thwart sports performance?

The short answer is probably not if you're smart about it. With careful planning, plant-based eating can help athletes improve body composition, oxidative stress, and tissue oxygenation.

4. Pros and cons of keto for athletes.

Eating lots of fat and very little carbohydrate may help you shed pounds, but research indicates that keto is inferior to carb-containing diets for peak performance.

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