Issue 15: Why biomarkers matter

Biomarkers such as cholesterol, HDL, LDL, A1c and vitamin D provide important insights about our metabolic health and nutrition status. This article covers why these measurements matter and what to do if you your numbers are out of whack.

Digging into the numbers is our thing. We're constantly parsing data from clinical trials, evaluating dosing protocols, and analyzing biomarker results to deliver the best possible nutrition solutions for you. This edition is all about a specific set of numbers - your biomarkers. More than 90% of Elo members have at least one biomarker outside the optimal range so we thought it was time to do a deep dive. Is it possible to decrease LDL without medication? Is vitamin D associated with chronic disease? We've got this for you and more in today's edition. Here’s to feeling your best, Elos!

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1. How to lower your LDL without medication.

High LDL cholesterol is associated with elevated risk of heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis. Eating more fiber and heart healthy fats, and slashing sugar, can help bring your numbers down.

2. Beyond bone: Why vitamin D matters.

Vitamin D is more than just a bone-builder. It's also involved in immune function and glucose metabolism, and deficiency has been linked with a number of diseases including COVID-19.

3. Everything you need to know about HDL cholesterol.

HDL is a scavenger molecule which takes cholesterol back to the liver to be excreted. Unlike other forms of cholesterol, high HDL is associated with protection against heart disease.

4. Why you should monitor vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 plays an important role in metabolism, neurological function, skin, and heart health, however, absorption decreases with age. Find out why in this article.

5. Mastering cholesterol control.

29 million Americans have cholesterol levels above the normal range. This article tackles popular topics like keto and cholesterol, and the best cholesterol-reducing foods.

6. Meet Jessica, Elo Health Coach and Registered Dietitian

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University where she double majored in Dietetics and Nutrition, and Fitness and Health. Her specialties include longevity, cognition, energy, metabolic fitness and healthy habit formation. Learn more about Jessica HERE.

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