Issue 1: Optimizing immunity

Say hello to The Sisu - Elo's science-backed newsletter covering all things health and wellness. Our first edition is about lifestyle strategies for immune function, a topic fraught with misinformation. Saddle up and get ready for some sciencey truths about our natural defenses.

Welcome to the first edition of Elo’s newsletter, The Sisu.

We’re excited to cut through the BS and bring you interesting, science-backed nutrition information from around the web. With COVID continuing to impact our lives, it seems fitting to make our first issue about nutrition tactics for immune function. We’ve scoured thousands of pieces of content on this topic. Below are the best ones that we came across.

1. Get on the magic school bus.

See how COVID-19 invades and attacks our natural defenses in this short video.

2. Does being cold make you sick?

Harvard Medical School explores if lifestyle factors such as cold weather, exercise, and stress, make you more susceptible to illness.

3. The complex connection between gut health and immunity.

Your gut is one of your best immunological assets. Here's why you should be paying attention to your inner ecosystem to ward off bugs and other invaders.

4. How this doctor is managing COVID-19 at home.

okCapsules founder, Dr. Andrew Brandeis, shares his immune-supporting supplement routine which includes vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and more.

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