Issue 35: Nutrition FAQs

From controlling blood sugar to improving your focus with food, we're answering your nutrition FAQs.

Almost everyone has questions about nutrition. Just ask any Dietitian and they'll happily recall all the questions they've been asked by strangers on planes, in coffee shops, and during Uber rides.

We get some wonderful nutrition questions from our members and in this edition we're surfacing just that – nutrition FAQs from the Elo community. From controlling blood sugar to improving your focus with food, there's something for everyone in this newsletter.

Here’s to reaching your health goals, Elos!

Woman pouring out a few supplements from a white bottle

1. The best supplements for blood sugar control.

Elevated HbA1c (aka high blood sugar) is one of the most common issues we see among Elo members. This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the supplements that can help bring down your blood sugar levels.

2. The best and worst foods for focus.

Whether you're trying to conquer a big project at work or simply stay alert, mental performance comes up a lot at Elo. Here's what you should and shouldn't eat to stay sharp.

3. Natural ways to fight fatigue and boost energy.

Energy is one of the top concerns at Elo with 25% of members electing it as their primary goal. Struggling with energy? Put the pep back in your step with one of these science-backed strategies.

Vitamin D rich foods

4. How to optimize your vitamin D levels.

Over 50% of Elo members start with suboptimal vitamin D. Here are the best ways to boost vitamin D levels according to science. Hint: Supplements aren't the only source.

5. The ins and outs of inflammation.

We all know that inflammation is bad but how can we keep our levels low? Discover everything from the causes of inflammation to the best anti-inflammatory food and supplements in this piece.

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